Seven Points of Unity: Many Possibilities

Guided by the principles of truth and reconciliation, CASW has developed seven shared values for the profession that inspire many possibilities for the future of social work in Canada.

Over four years ago, CASW embarked on a journey to revise its national Code of Ethics. While the pandemic initially disrupted in-person consultations with Indigenous social workers, CASW pivoted to virtual focus groups in 2021, ensuring meaningful consultations with First Nations, Metis, Inuit, and other equity-deserving groups.

Through this process, over 1,100 social workers and 238 service users contributed to the development of revised Code through various phases of consultation. The final version of the revised national Code of Ethics, Values and Guiding Principles was adopted by a consensus of the CASW federation in June 2023. This January, CASW launched the 2024 Code, promoting its seven values through webinars and contests culminating in National Social Work Month.

This March we commemorate the 2024 Code of Ethics, Values and Guiding Principles while acknowledging the challenges faced by social workers, particularly during the pandemic. We honour our Seven Points of Unity and celebrate these shared values guiding our individual and collective journeys of truth, reconciliation, equity, and inclusion. Our points of unity remind us of the boundless possibilities that social work offers. In times of crises, let us be unified in our purpose to support individuals to thrive, empower communities to flourish, and advocate for justice and equity for all.

This National Social Work Month let’s recognize the profound impact of social workers in shaping a brighter future. As social workers, we collectively weave a tapestry of hope and resilience, striving to create a more just future where all are valued and honoured through ethical, evidence-based, and empowering professional practice. From our Seven Points of Unity, let’s imagine the many possibilities social workers have for building a peaceful and compassionate world.

A special thank you to all the social workers across Canada who tirelessly contributed to this important revision of the national Code. Explore our website to participate in #NSWM2024 and join conversations exploring how #SocialWorkOffersPossibilities!

Joan Davis-Whelan, MSW, RSW
CASW President